days 11 & 12 – glow in the woods, normalizing grief

glow in the woods.

light peeks through the thick canopy that threatens darkness from above.

it breaks through the hurt, shining light and warmth to expose the beauty below.


but is there beauty below?

what is left to illuminate but the cold ground. a worn path. empty soil.

the light shines in. exposes it for what it really is.

a chance to grow again.

“normalize grief.” what does that even mean?  bring it back to a usual or expected state or condition. i think this means to incorporate it on a regular basis, to lessen the magnitude of saving it up, boxing it away, waiting for it to implode… instead deal with it day by day. this 31 day focus is helping me do just that. talking to you about it helps me make my grief a little more bearable. hiding it only feeds the hurt. so thank you, for listening…

One thought on “days 11 & 12 – glow in the woods, normalizing grief

  1. How do you “normalize” grief? Beats me. I am listening, my darling daughter and love you and your husband and my amazing grandson immensely.


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