days 5 – 7 empathy, books, memory

yes i’m posting three days’ worth in one post. no i’m not that lazy. i decided to group these three days together because they are so very much related to one another. today i capture my grief by revisiting a book. a book of fond memories. one in which i hardly recognize the girl in the pictures. 
this book. allllllll the feels. at the time when i was documenting my rainbow baby journey, i would occasionally get an eye roll from amazing husband as i slapped yet another sticker on my ever-expanding belly. “take my picture!” i would say earnestly. it was such a thrill to collect these moments, and be able to place them in a keepsake. and at the time i thought maybe one day i’d want to look back,… reminisce. little did i realize i would open this book at the strangest of times… 3AM when i couldn’t sleep. that one afternoon after coming home from the hospital, empty-handed that time. this book of memories has brought tears of joy and also of sadness.

this book, and today’s “challenge,” make me contemplate empathy. empathy for the bereaved mother. let us not confuse empathy for sympathy, the latter of which is essentially pity or all the sad feels for her. empathy, more importantly, is the ability to understand AND SHARE her situation. her feelings. her grief. but i cannot expect empathy from those who have never walked in my shoes. what i can do, however, is share my story and help those more fortunate to understand the bereaved mother. help them begin to share her feelings through learning the process of loss and grief and healing. i encourage you to try to avoid sympathy for my situation and instead try to empathize with my struggle. thank you for walking this journey with me 💔


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