august 19th day of hope


all babies are miracles. those of us who are blessed to have one know that. and those who have struggled or are currently struggling to have one know that just as much. today is august 19th, the day of hope. started by an awesome aussie named carly marie, who tragically lost a child in utero of her own, the day of hope is one to honor and celebrate our babies no longer here with us. it is a day to break the silence of infant and pregnancy loss. it is a day to say to the world that your baby mattered. no matter how far or not far along in your pregnancy you were. they all matter.

last year after losing my 4th baby, i found a little solace in the day of hope project. i poured my heart into my prayer flag, literally spilt tears onto it while i sewed. today i fly it high today to honor my babies. and having had another loss since then i find myself feeling the grief even more today. but today is about them, not me. today i will let my heart feel the fullness of my love for them. some days i sit and daydream that they are up there in the clouds, playing on god’s jungle gym… and i can hear their laughter carried along the wind. grief never ends, it simply changes shape. and i am forever changed by my sweet angels. sending you all my love, sweet butterflies.


if you would like to learn more about the carly marie project heal or august 19th day of hope, check it out here:

August 19th – Day of Hope

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