hey now

holy hell you guys. LOOK at that. i filled five garbage bags full of clothes. five. 5 garbage bags of fabric that sparked not one ounce of joy for me. FIVE giant bags that i was holding on to for what… so i could break my closet rod? because you can see it clearly bending on the left. actually it is bending on the right too… i think i did permanent damage there. and in the last two days when i reached for something to wear, i put it on and felt really good about myself. most days i grabbed lounge-y stuff to run to the store, or pick up amazing son, etc. and i felt, well, shlubby i guess. not any more. the shlub ends now. becuase the shlubby clothes are at goodwill thankyouverymuch. gah! i can’t explain how good it felt to get rid of that stuff, and how good i feel today! who knew tidying could feel this amazing. i can actually move the clothes in my closet side to side. when i open my drawers i can see every single item in there on first glance. and my socks are finally “resting,” relaxed in their drawer. i laughed out loud when I read about “allowing your socks to rest.” crazy japanese lady. but i can hear them sighing now and it feels good.

okay so have you bought the book yet??? no? RUN. and while you’re waiting to download it onto your kindle or for the 2-day Amazon prime shipping, i’ll leave with you the 5 things i leaned so far:

1. it wasn’t hard at all to part with those clothes. scout’s honor. the author said to start tidying first with clothes, as they generally carry the least amount of sentiment, thereby setting you up for an easy start to success. she was right. and you will still have enough clothes to wear when you’re done, i promise.

2. pretty sure i own every single color/pattern of the target scoop neck tank top. and i’m not ashamed.

3. i found clothes i never knew i had. that was a bit shameful. hoarder!

4. i realized how unrealistic a wool pea coat is for Southern California “weather.” whatwasithinking.

5. i broke a rule. (hangs head in shame) i didn’t pull out alllllll the clothes like the author said to. i couldn’t bring myself to even open the cases of perfectly folded maternity clothes. no sentiment, my ass. i wasn’t ready to pick them up in my hands, to feel the stretch of the fabric, knowing full well it used to cover my giant baby belly. i couldn’t do it. i just couldn’t. i’m just not ready to part with them. one day i will, i know it. but not today. not yet.

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