round 2

that’s right, i lasted the full 3 minutes. no KO this time. *happy dance*  i took that ultrasound like a champ, face punched it a few times, showed it who’s boss and *ding ding ding*… here we come round two.

thank you sweet baby jesus.

sometimes i think this tiny little plastic baby jesus may actually contain good luck juju in that rigid and misshapen little body of his. and for your viewing pleasure, here he is making his encore appearance. because blessing the dildo cam can only bring good news.


magician said things looked “okay.” wait, what happened to “amazing”??  left ovary had some good activity, 2 of the 4 horses (follicles) were growing well, the other 2 were being stragglers of a sort but not too far behind in the race. righty, who started out with 4 horses, now had one solitary horse in the race. somewhere along the track we lost 3 horses. like, they exited the track altogether. WITF, can they DO that? damn.

had my blood drawn to check hormone level (estrogen). it came back pretty low (58.6) but that’s mostly because i have a crappy small number of horses in the race right now. magician said not to worry too much, it’s still very early in the race and more horses can join the group in the next couple of days. please please please.

i’m trying not to focus too much on the negative. trying is the operative word there. there are definitely positives here: i’m still in this race. we are still a GO and i need to keep my eye on the finish line. next ultrasound is friday, so until then i’m rubbing baby jesus’s little bald head like crazy, praying we see more horses and that the group is running in a solid pack, no stragglers, and no lead ones.

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