get set.

and GO.

bought my ticket to the racetrack one last time, here we go people! last month being a bust trying the weaker meds, i’m back to hitting the hard stuff. since i was having an issue the last couple of months gearing up properly for IVF 2.2 (mysteriously making dominant follicles despite hormone therapy), this time around magician put me on birth control pills (read: the devil) to put the smack down on my ovaries.  enough of the acting up. no more funny business. so i’ve been popping those suckers for about a week now and went in for a check yesterday.

and great news (for once!)… no dominant follicles. yet. and even better news (wait, what?!) eight follicles already seen on ultrasound, all small and the same size. 8. EIGHT. for me, this early in the game, with my old lady eggs, it’s normal to see maybe 3. or 5 if i won the lotto. but 8?!? all right, this is looking good!

even magician was stoked. “your ovaries look ah-mazing.” well, thank you, thank you very much.

no time to waste he says. we are trying a new protocol this time around, “micro lupron flare” in hopes i will grow better quality eggs (read: get pregnant). so today is my last pill. yessssssss.  injections start friday. booooooo.

it’s GO time. IVF 2.2 here i come, and i’m coming in hot. you best be ready.

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