it’s crazy how life can change in a heartbeat. and by that, i mean literal life.

you can be alive, breathing, laughing, arguing, singing, and then a second later, that’s it. do not pass go. do not collect $200. working in my line of work, i see life and death all the time. i see regret firsthand. shoulda woulda coulda, all day every day.  we have an argument with insert family member here and hang up, angry. i’ll talk to them tomorrow. tomorrow we’ll make up. we are all guilty of expecting more time on this earth. because, why wouldn’t we?

but what if there is no tomorrow. do you ever ask yourself that? i never do. until last night.

on Easter sunday the family went over to my mom’s to visit and stuff our faces with delicious food. eggs were hunted. laughter was shared. the air was full of love and celebration. as dinner wrapped up my dad packed the grandparents in the car to take them back to their assisted living facility.

my sister and her husband, my mom, and amazing husband and son stayed back at the house, opened a bottle of wine, and reminisced about past holiday get-togethers. oblivious.

while we were busy laughing, not more than a quarter mile from our home, a careless driver sped out into oncoming traffic and collided with my dad’s truck. the car hit the back end of his truck, sending him into a tailspin and caused him to roll his Tundra hundreds of feet into the oncoming lanes. the truck was sandwiched. the airbags did not deploy. and by the grace of god, there was no other cars on the road. he unbuckled his seatbelt, exited the truck, and walked away. without a scratch. not. one.

the firefighters were baffled. they strapped him to a board, placed a c-collar on his neck and transported him to the hospital for evaluation. the ER doctors were amazed, saying he was “incredibly lucky to have walked away unscathed.” and i sat there, in the ER, thanking god for showing our family mercy. the grandparents had been dropped off before the accident. thank you god. because surely they would not have survived it. hell, i don’t know how my dad survived it.

to me, Easter has always signified the miracle of jesus overcoming death itself, a miracle i am unable to prove, but rather can only believe with faith. and yet last night i saw firsthand a miracle on Easter. by the grace of god.

hug your loved ones. tell them you love them. and drive safe. god bless.


5 thoughts on “grace

  1. Only by the grace of God are we still alive and safe. We are lucky to have those we love still with us and lucky we had those we love that have gone to live with Him. Life is a trip. We choose the road.


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