houston, we have lift off

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and that’s it folks. mission accomplished today.

what strikes me as strange is after going through the extensive process of IVF this IUI process felt like a quick warm up, a little jog around the block. a test flight. a few shots here… a few ultrasounds there… and a quick 10 minute turkey basting and BOOM, see you in 2 weeks. that was pretty damn easy. and much less stressful if i do say so myself.

magician took a look at everything beforehand… Gigantor horse was a no-show. gone. MIA. arrivederci. now the biggest follie on the left was 12mm,… Houston, we had ovulation. Righty’s biggest follie had measured 13-ishmm on Saturday, which should be 17ish today and that too was nowhere to be found. HOUSTON…do you copy? we have ovulated TWO eggs. wait, i thought we didn’t want to ovulate yet?? magician said it’s a-ok, IUI is effective just after ovulation, within 6 hours. he was happy so i was happy. but holy hell people, TWO! two of them. i’m floored. i started to think this trick might have actually worked.

so now we have lift off. i get to spend the next 2 weeks in orbit, circling the world of what ifs. trying not to get my hopes up, not to allow my feet to leave the ground. after all, this was more a crapshoot than IVF 1.0. far too often my hopes are dashed, the rug is pulled out from beneath me almost as fast as it was placed there. and i can’t handle any more of that. so for now i will remain glued to the ground until told otherwise.

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