did someone call a plumber?

eye ewe eye.

or maybe aye you aye.

or if you’re of the hispanic flavor ¡ay ay ay! (okay i realize there is no “you” in there)

however you want to spell it, sound it out, or read it, it means exactly the same thing in the end: IVF 2.0 is shelved. [for now.] audible sigh.

dildo cam this morning confirmed that the lone horse had, in fact, left the gate early and with that, gone and f*cked messed everything up royally. oh happy day. it now measures 13mm and all the rest of the horses are mostly still at 5mm a piece. magician took a look in his bag of tricks and could only pull out the tried-and-true IUI razzle dazzle. which i am 100% on board with. no way in hell am i going to undergo the emotionally, physically and mentally taxing event that is IVF unless the stars are aligning in my ovaries. but i  have to admit i am disappointed that there remains such a stark difference in sizes between the lead horse and all the rest. my hope was that i could have 2 (or 3 if i was so lucky) follicles be mature-enough at the SAME time just before doing the IUI procedure. that way i could maximize the chances of one of those follicles being a “good” one. but with crazy horse running full throttle i’m not so happy.

magician said we could either scrap all the meds and proceed au naturale (for the IUI), or do some really lose dose stimulation for the next few days in hopes 1 or 2 can catch up in time. at this point i’m feeling like i need to give it my “all”, sort of throw everything at it that i can in hopes that something will stick. so i agreed. set an appointment for thursday morning to see how the horses are running. in the mean time i have to monitor for the signs of impending ovulation (sounds like nuclear warfare). essentially pee on a bunch of sticks that will let me know if i’m about to drop the egg(s). we don’t want any surprises. nothing like showing up for the procedure and whoops, you already ovulated. ¡ay ay ay!

so then i’m all set to leave and learned  i had a surprise saline sonohystogram coming my way. say what? which is not nearly as fun as it sounds. magician thought it wise to flood my insides with saline while jamming multiple straws and cameras up there too to get a good look at the pipes. you know, looking for tree roots or something that can clog stuff up. thankfully i will not be requiring a plumber at this point in time.

hey… at least SOMETHING went right today, right?

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