it’s the most wonderful time of the year

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after a very-long ever-important much-needed oh-so-nice is-it-over-already break, this lady is back. back in action. back to business. i missed you guys. for reals. and i’m back JUST in time for the holidays. ahhh the holidays. how i cherish our love/hate relationship.

the crowds. HATE. christmas trees. LOVE. parking. HATE. christmas jingles. LOVE. egg nog. YES PLEASE. cranky grinch people. HATE. decorating the tree. LOVE. more egg nog. THIS GIRL.

random side note, but the radio keeps playing that one song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”… you ever really listen to the lyrics? blew my mind the other day. after 30+ years of hearing it repeatedly, i realized there’s a part about telling scary ghost stories. really guys?  “hey little jimmy, come sit on grandpa’s lap and i’ll tell you the story of how Rudolph lost his nose.” said no one ever.

anyhow, the holidays. i swear i blinked my eyes and 2014 is coming to a close already. what in the hell. can someone slow down the ride?? i swear, like 5 minutes ago it was january and i was SO excited for all the blessings 2014 would bring to my family. it was going to be an amazing year. it sounded good too, rolling off your tongue: “twenty fourteen”… damn that sounded good. instead, this year brought more trials and tribulations than we could have ever imagined. we were tested in ways we never thought possible. and somehow kept treading water. honestly, though, as 2014 wraps up i can’t wait to close the book on it and file this one high on the shelf. and maybe never reach up to reopen it. there’s not a lot in this book i want to re-live. instead, i want to redirect my focus on the future. don’t get me wrong, i don’t want to forget this year, i guess i just want to forgive it and move on, you know?

a good friend once said to me “you have to have your dirt days before you get your flowers.” so i say to you, 2015 … you best be bringing the flowers. because this lady has no more room for dirt.

2015. twenty fifteen. damn that sounds good.

wishing you all the happiest of holidays this season. and may you be blessed beyond belief in the upcoming year.