photo (14)

go ahead. blink.


they are still there.

all THREE of them.

my off-Broadway act.

they are now kicking back with a beer in Ute-topia.

snuggling in for a nice long 10 months.

first things first: i am not looking to be the next Octomom, i assure you. and plus also she gives me the heebie jeebies. who in their right mind elects to have 8 babies all at once? let’s not even open that can of worms.

Triomom doesn’t even have a nice ring to it. hell, i don’t wish triplets on anyone, especially me. not that having multiples is anything less than blessings abounding, let me make that clear. i just imagine the sheer work associated with multiples and i want to run the other way and jump off a cliff screaming. one baby was a handful, i can’t imagine two at once. i bow at the knees and kiss the feet of those moms who have survived with 2 babies at one time. or 3. gasp! you guys are seriously amazing. so with that being said, let’s discuss what happened today and i promise you will not lump me in with Octomom and all the crazy.

magician called me this morning and basically said aside from 1 embryo, the rest looked pretty bad. where is a chair, i can’t…breathe… he told me we needed to transfer them back this morning to give them the best chance of sticking. i frantically called up my acupuncturist to update him on the plan, and amazing husband drove us to the clinic.

went in for acupuncture… the needles did their trick, and surprisingly i was feeling extremely relaxed. or perhaps it was the valium i took. magician said to take one beforehand so my body would not tense up during the transfer time. regardless of the cause, instead of nervous i was feeling spectacular. everything was beautiful, warm and fuzzy.

then we sat down with magician and had a LONG talk about the state of our horses. as of yesterday we had 3 horses and 1 donkey. today we had 1 horse, 1 donkey and a mini horse. speechless. he said in his experience none of the other embies would make it to day 5, they were dividing irregularly or not at all. and thus, we probably would have nothing to freeze and save for later. devastation setting in. we had 9, and now we have 1.5?? 

he advised us to transfer 4. i’m sorry, what?  FOUR. pretty sure amazing husband just crapped his pants. he’s pale and sweating and searching for the exit. the logic is this: we have 1 embie that is on track, growing like it should. that’s our stud horse. then there are 2 that are lagging, growing slower than they should, but still growing. (at this stage the embies should be 6-8 celled, these ones are 3 and 4-celled.) i like to think the donkey is the 3 cell, and the mini horse is the 4 cell. it just makes sense in my mind. we told him we can’t put in 4. just… can’t.

amazing husband wanted to know if there’s any possible chance we would end up with triplets. um yeah, you don’t take this lightly.  magician emphatically said “i think if you transfer the stud, the donkey the mini horse you MIGHT end up with 1 baby. the donkey appears ready to divide again from 3 cells to 6 cells, which would almost be caught up to where it should be. but let’s take into account your history of pregnancies and losses and i think you are looking at very possibly getting pregnant but with only 1 baby.” he also reassured us that it would be like getting struck by lightning if we ended up with all three sticking. the color was slowly returning to amazing husband’s face.

deep breaths. and so we signed on the dotted line. we were going for three. oh my gosh, this is it. magician walked me to the procedure room and got the show on the road. the transfer was seamless and painless. thank you valium. and i got to witness my babies getting placed in their warm little bed. mind blown. technology is awesome. then i went for one more acupuncture session and fell asleep on the table. okay, maybe no valium next time. 

and now we wait. this is it. it’s going to work. it HAS to.

PUPO baby! (pregnant until proven otherwise!)

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