and now we wait

i’m going to keep this short and sweet because i’m still kind of doped up feeling foggy from anesthesia and to be honest, although a monumental event happened, it was over before it began so there’s really not much to talk about today.  with that said, there are two things i need to shout from the mountaintops today.

1. propofol is the best thing. EVER. one minute i was Chatty Cathy with Mr. Anesthesiologist and then things got all tingly and the room was wobbly, amazing husband was suddenly blurry and boom. LIGHTS OUT. next thing i know i’m giving thumbs ups and high-fiving and making inappropriate jokes with the nurses. at one point i swear the nurse had four eyes. i counted them each. out loud. she laughed. luckily, what happens under the influence of propofol can never be held against you. at least that’s what the staff said. but back to the Jackson Juice, my dear friend. you have been given a bad rap. when used appropriately (ahem not in your bedroom) you whisper sweet nothings in my ear and work your magic, just as you the doctor intended. i did not feel a THING during the egg retrieval. it was glorious. thank you Mr. Anesthesiologist.

2. we got 9 horses. NINE!!!!!!!! not sure if some of them had painted their faces with camo and were hiding behind my guts all this time, but what a shock. what an awesome surprise. but before we get too carried away, magician said that 1 of the 9 was pretty tiny and he was 99.9% sure it did not contain a mature egg inside, but because he leaves no man behind, he took it anyway. that’s okay. 8 is great. 8 is 3 more than i thought we would start with. no complaints here. there is no complaining while on propofol. hell, it’s near impossible to be anything but happy while that milk courses through your veins. but i digress.

so now begins the waiting game. insanely smart embryologist has already inspected my follicles for eggs, and injected each with a super strong sperm destined for greatness. my future baby(s) are growing as we speak, bathed in the warm natural glow of fluorescent lights and floating in a petri dish of hope. magician said he will call me tomorrow with the fertilization report that will describe how many mature eggs we got out of those 9 follicles, and how many fertilized correctly. and then i will get a call every day for the next couple of days telling me how the embies are growing and when the tentative embryo transfer date will be (it will be either Monday or Wednesday).

this is blowing my mind. this whole thing. what a trip. all this hard work so far, all the trials and tribulations, the tears and the joy, and don’t forget the needles… it all comes down to this. it has to work. it just has to.

so i will breathe. and hope. and try not to stare at the clock.

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