day 13 – magic

i’m shaking as i write this. my heart is beating so fast i think it might burst from my chest.

these horses are on the last stretch. the race is about to end.

magician did a final ultrasound today. he smiled again. that’s twice now. he told me he hoped to push back egg retrieval one more day. ugh. i have to admit i was bummed to hear that. i know this show is on the road but i still feel this urgency, this need to speed things up. so any delay doesn’t bode well for my mood. but he had a good point: he wanted to let the horses run a little more to allow a few more eggs mature even more. then maybe we could retrieve 7 instead of 5. but then my lab results today squashed his hopes. my results indicated that if we waited one more day before administering the trigger shot (a hormone to release the egg and prep it for retreival) my eggs would be overcooked. picture that dry, stiff omelet steaming in the back of the chafing dish at The Howard Johnson at 1:30pm on a Sunday. the omelet no one will eat. that would be my overcooked eggs. alone and sad, destined for the trash. the same would go for overcooked follicles… if they mature too much they will not fertilize right and we would lose them. such a slippery slope these eggs.

but i won’t have that ancient omelet, no no no…  my adrenaline is pumping because tonight i will be giving myself the trigger shot and Friday morning we go in for egg retrieval!!!!! i expect this to be quite the show. magician feels confident that his act is top notch and all the props are in place. if you’re curious, it will go something like this…

magician and anesthesiologist hit the stage at 9:30.  let’s do this. i sip on some Jackson Juice (or Michael’s Milk as I’ve heard it called; terrible, i know). nighty night everyone. my eggs are taken out via an ungodly large and long needle puncturing through my lady parts. thank god for propofol. amazing husband gets to put in his two cents. he gets the easy job. the eggs are then injected each with 1 single sperm to ensure fertilization. take no chances people. then we watch them grow… and BOOM.


i just have one question.

is it friday yet??

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