hi there


hi there. that’s me on the left, amazing son by my side. who am i? wife. sweetie mama. sister. daughter. nurse. freckled. crafty. ouchie healer. DIYer. cook. chauffeur. infertile. dreamer.

the original idea behind this blog was to allow myself an outlet for my grief and frustration dealing with secondary infertility (inability to have children after a successful pregnancy). and to honor (and yet at the same time mourn) the subsequent loss of my babies. i had wanted to share what was our last ditch effort of our fertility journey, as we embarked on the process of IVF. i thought it would be a sure thing, the first time. and then the second time proved to be far more daunting and terrifying. and when we came up empty handed, well… there were no words.

this blog has transformed into a place to work through the journey of grief and healing, as we likely will never have another child. as we neared the end of the road of our dreams to complete our family,  i lost my younger sister suddenly and through that, lost myself. this blog truly has become a place to share my healing process as i step through the land mines of grief.

i hope my words can offer support to those who share these struggles, who ride this rollercoaster of emotion. all are welcome to walk this journey with me.

you are not alone.